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Retained Executive Search and Hourly Name Generation Services in Technology, Education, Learning and Development



Recruiting hard to fill executive roles for companies that drive business change and competitive advantage through products, services, strategy and technology. 

High ethical standards and tremendous search capabilities are qualities that Avondale Search has come to be known by. Put your most important search assignments in our hands and you will be assured that the positions will be filled in a timely manner, discreetly, and with the best person for the position. 


Our fees equal 25-33% of the base compensation of the executive.  30% of the estimated total fee is paid to initiate the search.




Retained search not in your budget this year but your need for strong talent is just as critical as ever?  


Our search research, name generation, competitive intelligence services might be a suitable alternative for you to consider.   Our 15 years of experience runs the gamut, and includes acquisition search research worldwide, name and candidate generation worldwide, and industry / niche overviews, as detailed as you want us to be.  


Invoiced on an hourly basis, five hour minimum.  


Recent references..... 
“Margot is one of the most effective, action-oriented people I've ever met. She's smart, knows her profession very very well, and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients.” 2009 

Richard Nantel , CEO , Brandon Hall Research 

"It is amazing to me that we have never met in person. You have placed our best salespeople with us across the country and we trust you with our most confidential information. We will work with you and your firm ONLY from now on." Vice President of Sales, Chicago, Outsourced Training BPO Worldwide, 2009 

“I feel profoundly lucky to have found Margot as she proved to be much more than a recruiter; she became a friend and trusted adviser. In asking some very probing questions and really listening to my responses she helped me better understand what was important to me. Combine this with her connections, experience, expertise, reputation and tireless enthusiasm and you get an exceptional partner for your career quest.” December 2008 

Steve Wexler , Director of Research and Emerging Technologies , The eLearning Guild 

“I was introduced to Margot through a colleague in 2007, and I must say that I have not been disappointed with her work. She is a tireless hunter who goes WAY above the call of duty. She get's up early and stays up late searching for suitable opportunities for her clients (and she's comfortable calling and email when she has an idea). Margot has cultivated very strong relationships in her industry and she has established herself as a proven professional. I would highly recommend Margot's services to any company that is seeking high-caliber employees, and any job-seekers searching for opportunities to showcase their expertise.” 2009 -- Leading LMS Sales rep 

"Thank you! We are extremely happy (with the salespeople you placed with us). They are hitting it out of the park and will get us to our number this year .....and probably years to come. They got up to speed and started bringing in revenue quickly. Bravo - you nailed it." May 2008, W. Grand, Regional Manager, Compliance Software Industry; Hired from Avondale in Dallas, Chicago

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The mechanics of an effective search process are simple. Know the client and know the marketplace. Conduct in-depth research and thorough sourcing. Meet predetermined search criteria. Practice intellectual honesty and ethical behavior in the screening, selection and submission of every candidate. Complete every assignment. These consistent, proven techniques guide every Avondale search.


We believe in and practice search specialization because it is important for a search firm to be as readily responsive to the client's individual needs as possible. Specialization produces optimum search results. It enables the search firm to tailor its resources to meet the specific requirements of the niche markets that it serves.

So that we can best serve you, we continually track key players, companies, technologies and trends within our niche markets. Our search library and automated capabilities are augmented by long standing relationships within this marketplace, which provides a broad personal network for sourcing and obtaining candid and informed references.

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High sounding but true. We understand the importance of success in each search. We take your trust seriously.